*Growing increasingly uncomfortable with being older than everyone else*

How much older? o3o

Idk, but someone is 14, someone else is 19, another is kinda younger than that… I have no idea about the rest but I’m feeling like a creep. ;/_/;

*is 21 as of last oct.*

i’m 20 as of last December lol

not old enough to drink or get into bars yet but I’ve no desire to anyway

In a perfect world, there is a drive-thru Starbucks on every street corner.


I always see and hear about coffeeshop AUs what the fuck is so special about fucking coffeeshops? I wanna see a McDonalds AU

Because coffeeshops are cute and quirky and full of hipsters and delight. Shit happens at McDonalds. Shit you wish you never saw.


I probably wont be able to do a meet up since I’m so far north in Peoria lol. Is the Arrowhead mall close to you guys? That a relatively easy spot for me lol

Arrowhead is a ways north of me but manageable!

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A meet-up would definitely be pretty cool! ovo Though, it’d mostly depend on the time and place- for me, at least. Especially since I can’t actually drive yet.

i can totally drive u, I got a free car on the weekends, though with the possibility of this job (or any job in my field) I may not have my weekends free lol we’ll see though.

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I was gonna start a Pay What You Want commission thread on the Art Sales forum on FR for dragon sketches, but I think I need to draw 1 more dragon before I get into that, so I have a set of 3. 3 is a good number.

I have now moved my Flight Rising tag location lizard to hang around Snoh, where I think should be a potential meetup place.