so basically i’m going to be giving my brother the silent treatment for the next few weeks or basically forever because he’s the biggest stupid fuck i’ve ever known in my entire fucking life

he WANTED to go to his ex’s place last night and STAY there and “RECONCILE” (read: have idiot sex) with his ex and shit who CHEATED ON HISD IDIOT FUCKING ASS and he’s stTILL IN LOVE WITH HER AND WANTS TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH HER I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE THIS IDIOT DIPSHIT

i don’t care what he does with her she is not coming over to the house to have “visitation” with the cat they share joint custody over while I’m here i’m so fucking DONE with this bitch. I don’t want to look at her I don’t want to hear about her I don’t want him to have anything to do with this bitch because she’s fucking venomous and he literally had NO FUCKING ISSUES with anxiety and smoking and drinking like he does now UNTIL HE MET HER like I know I can’t sit here and control my little brother but he doesn’t seem to know that he’s just ruining his own goddamn life with this bitch. she doesn’t need him and he doesn’t need her. I’m going to move out of my own goddamn state I’m so fucking done. jettison my body into the sun I CANNOT BELIEVE


Next three!



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One of my favorite things in the world is when POCs use the “white person” voice




taking requests to do colored doodles of your flight rising babies!

5 spots open!

uhhh. image

Azir maybe? :’D

Ashirak? :D

is not my precious Rhodielle worthy? ♥






A piano arrangement of Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, performed by Hyun-Joo.

1920’s Piano Bar Crime Drama Legend of Zelda AU. Smoke-filled lounges, hot babes and private detectives ok? Just. Yes. Ahhhhhh. What am I even


aww yeah that’s the good stuff

listening to this makes me -really- want to hear someone giving the song of storms a really crunchy boogie-woogie bassline

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